Selection of optimum coatings with considering of operational condition, expected life time and financial concept of projects for external and internal surface of pipelines and equipments. Preparation of technical specification, working procedure report and quality assurance program for different types of coatings like cold wrap, enamels, two components liquid epoxy and polyurethane, fusion bonded epoxy.
   Design of Coatings Factory Plants: Feasibility study, literature survey, coating plant selection , selection of optimum place for   plant   installation,   proposal   preparation   for   required   equipments   for   surface preparation and application  of cold wraps, enamels, liquid two components epoxy and polyurethane and fusion bond epoxy for both of external and internal surfaces.

Design of over the ditch coatings equipments: Selection of proper Coating equipment, arranging the best and optimum automatic tools, proposal preparation for required equipments for surface preparation and application of cold wraps, enamels, liquid two components epoxy and polyurethane for external surface.

- Supply of two components, solvent free and 100% solid content liquid Polyurethane and Epoxy  coatings  for  corrosion  protection  of  Ductile,  Steel  and  Concrete  internal  and external  surfaces  for  Oil,  Gas,  Petrochemical  projects  and  Water  pipelines.

These coatings  have  a  high  viscosity  and  density  and  for  huge  surfaces  apply  with  two component hot spray airless. For small surfaces uses of two components material in two divided fully packing. Content of two package mix completely with each other and apply by hand or conventional one component airless. Referring to special reason like high performance, fast curing time and long life time (at least 30 years approved reference) these coating going to  substitute  with  regular  conventional coating  very  fast.  Supplied Polyurethane coating is match with EN 10290 and AWWA C 222 standard and supplied Epoxy coating is match with EN 10289 and AWWA C210.
These coatings are friendly with environment and can meet the entire requirement of all of the HSE programs. These types of coatings are the best choice for big diameter pipes.

- Supply two layer bituminous coatings , two layer black and white conventional laminated PE tape , 2ply, 3ply and viscoelastic tapes for corrosion protection of external surfaces against corrosion for buried and immerse surfaces. The width of these tapes varies form 2 to 6 inch. All of the tapes can apply by hand or special machine.

- Supply of  Stop Leakage and Reinforcing for rehabilitation of very Corroded Pipelines .We have an easy, efficient, fast and safe product that it uses for repair under pressure installation. It is designed to quickly stop pressure leaks, very easy to handle and very easily stored and transported.

Reinforcing very Corroded Pipelines: It is a new patented system for the renovation and strengthening of  pipes, risers and structures, by bonding a wrapped high polymer rope with high modulus fibers,  around the damaged section. The use of polymers prevents from additional stress on the pipe which could lead to more failures. The technical aramid fibers support the stress of the pipe pressure.



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