About Us


1- Introduction


Tolerant Coatings has been registered with below goals:

We Supply the Optimum Chemical Process

We Protect Your Asset Against Corrosion

We Prevent any Energy Loss form Your Process


In this way our company can serve below services:

a- Chemical and Physical Process

- Chemical and Physical  Process design with procurement of special equipments

b- Coatings

  - Coating material and plant selection for specific condition for corrosion protection with all of the engineering services regarding technical specification, WPR and QAP and QC format, we can supply any type of coatings from well known manufacturer.

 c- Insulation and fireproofing

  - Insulation and fireproofing selection for cold and hot services for energy saving with all of the engineering services as well as technical specification, QA/QC Plan, and WPR preparation, we can supply any type of insulation from well known manufacturer.


2-  History

Our management team has been involved in refinery and chemical process design for many years and continually worked on coating and insulation projects in Oil, Gas and Energy sectors.
Referring our long contribution with manufacturer in this regards, we are able to procure proper chemical process equipment world wide. 


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