We provide know-how and technical assistance for the following projects:

  • Adsorption Technology based on Activated Carbon

Design and Supply of Pharmaceutical Glycerin Plant by adsorption technology. We select activated carbon packed tower in this plant. 

  • Industrial Coatings for Maintenance

Rehabilitation on oil and gas pipelines with solvent free Polyurethane
Reinforcement of sea water pipeline with Kevlar rope and special resin 

  • Hot and Cold Insulation Specialty Material

Engineering design and supply of Polyurethane ( PIR ) foam for cold insulation
Supply of Cellular Glass for Hot and Cold insulation
Supply of Calcium Silicate for Hot insulation 

  • Chemical , Petrochemical and Refinery Process

Bitumen Oxidation plant design and equipment supply
Modification of bitumen with polymer plant design and supply  
Sulfide and Bisulfide Sodium design of production plant and supply the equipment

  • Oilfield Corrosion Inhibitors

        Selection and supply of proper Oilfield Corrosion Inhibitors like Ammonium Bisulfate




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